Fiber optic blow molding machines for MINI MAH-3, MAH-3 and MAH-3 UNIWERSAL are fully professional machines for inserting and blowing microcables, optical fibers, copper cables, etc. in the secondary pipes. The most important advantages of blow molding machines are its patented construction and construction as well as the technology of its implementation. Blow molding machines are manufactured in Poland from scratch at MAL-MET in the latest CNC technology and have a CE declaration of conformity. Based on the opinions of our customers and taking into account the tests carried out, our blow molding machines are the most powerful among the available fiber and fiber blowing machines on the world market. We obtained this result by using the best materials in the production as well as the well thought-out and patented design of the machine.
The most important features of fiber optic blowers manufactured by us are:

  • Versatility – The scope of operation of the blow molding machine allows the insertion of cables from 0.8 mm to 16 (on request up to 30 mm) mm and the use of all duplicates used in this industry.
  • Reliability – The reliability of the blow molding machine is influenced by factors such as the patented design, accuracy of manufacturing technology, a large number of bearings, selection and use of the highest quality materials in production.
  • Speed – The blow molding machine inserts approx. 110 m cable per minute.
  • Power (strength) – Thanks to the arrangement of profiled rollers that wrap the cable in 90%, we can introduce it with high force and speed, and at the same time avoid slipping of the cable or even its chafing (damage) or breakage. In addition, each roller has its own drive, which is transmitted through a pneumatic gear motor.
  • Operation method – Thanks to the transparent covers, the blow molding machine operator can adjust cable pressure and chain tension during operation.
  • Blowing methods: The machine supports two methods of blowing fiber optics: stream method and piston method.
  • Adjustable air head.
  • Possibility of lubrication of the follower during blowing.
  • Supplying the machine with one hose.
  • The latest wireless Bluetooth meter with many functions (large backlit display, Polish, English and German language, cable speed, daily and total counter, counts back and forth: when pulling out the cable subtracts the given distance, ambient temperature, battery level indicator, built-in battery charged via USB, possibility of connecting with the application on the phone).

DESCRIPTION OF WORK Machines for blowing and introducing optical fibers

The fiber optic cable is inserted through a set of aluminum-rubber profile rollers depending on the outer diameter of the cable. Each roller has its own mechanical drive, which is transmitted by gears and a chain.

The rubber part of the roll is designed to prevent the cable from slipping when there are resistances that appear on long sections and bends of fiber optic routes. The groove in the rubber part profiled for the diameter of the cable wraps the optical fiber in 90% thanks to which we increase the force of fiber insertion in the follower tube. With the correct pressure setting of the cable rollers, the rollers perform the function of a clutch. If the pressure on the rollers is too high, the rollers forgive operator errors and do not damage the cable.

The driving force of the mechanical system of the roller assembly is a pneumatic gearmotor. Supporting the process of blowing the optical fiber into the follower tube, the head in which compressed air is fed plays an important role. The head is so-called reliable mechanical feeder turbine. The air head was constructed in such a way that compressed air fed and appropriately shaped to the repeater lifts the cable minimizing the friction of the cable against the internal walls of the repeater. Thanks to the lower friction, it is possible to feed the cable over much longer distances.

Each machine has a set of nozzles and rollers with supports for each cable diameter. Individual types of blowing machines produced by us support all types of optical fibers and microcables.

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