MAH-4 Elektronik with automation and report. Introducing thick and heavy 16mm optical fiber in a long section. The 8-roll version of the MAH-4 is prepared for such challenges and has a very large reserve of power to easily introduce even such large diameters of the optical fiber.

MAH-4 Elektronik blowing machine during blowing optical fiber straight from the car. A mobile set consisting of the MAH-4 Uniwersal and a Kaeser M17 compressor mounted in the car. In this case, the diameter of the optical fiber is smaller and we can insert the cable using only the first two rolls.

MAH-4 Elektronik blowing machine during blowing optical fiber in Germany. Pressure in the head 6bar, pressure 48N, distance almost 1000m, but the route is much longer, speed around 60m / min. Of course, the machine itself controls the pressure so as not to damage the optical fiber and all parameters are collected in a report that can be printed at any time as proof of a correctly performed service.

Another satisfied customer in Germany presents the MAH-4 Uniwersal Elektronik blowing machine during works. The blowing machine is equipped with automatic operation and registration of blowing parameters.

Urządzenie do zwijania, rozwijania i przepętlania kabli i światłowodów

The latest device from MAL-MET for winding, unwinding and re-looping cables and optical fibers, commonly known carousel for cables and optical fibers. The device is designed to work with fiber optic cable blowing machines. It significantly improves the quality and comfort of work during looping when there is a need to store the cable between manholes.

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Model MAH-4 Elektronik blowing machine during work.

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Our factory Z.P.H.U MAL-MET

Carousel for optical fibers and cables

The MAL-MET company, at the request of its customers, designed its model of a fiber optic and cable carousel, which eliminated the problems with looping. Thanks to innovative solutions, working with our cable and optical fiber carousel will be extremely simple and intuitive. Feel free to contact me regarding the booking of a fiber optic carousel which will be available soon.

Fiber optic blowing machine MAH-4 Elektronik. Version with 8 fiber optic rollers, designed for long and heavy routes. The blowing machine is fully automatic, it controls the fiber blowing process by selecting the force, pressure and speed so as not to damage the fiber. A full report for printing the fiber blowing process is also available.

Despite the global crisis caused by the COVID-10 virus, our factory is currently assembling MAH-4 Elektronik fiber optic blowing machines, which will soon be sent to customers.