MAH-4 MINI ELEKTRONIK – is the most modern blowing machine for optical cables and optical fibers on the world market. It is characterized by a monolithic structure and at the same time incredible sensitivity and precision, both in terms of workmanship and control over the cable it blows in. During operation, the machine takes measurements and, depending on the needs, regulates the feeding force of the cable with an accuracy of 1N, i.e. approx. 100 grams. When an attempt is made to exceed the entered force limit in the controller, the blowing machine will automatically stop the process so as not to damage the cable. This situation may arise not only in the case of a damaged or crushed follower, but often in the case when the operator does not synchronize the carrying of the cable with the feeding speed.

Blowing machine while blowing a 0.5mm optical fiber into a 1.6mm microduct

Blowing machine while blowing a 1mm optical fiber into a 7mm microduct

The function of the MAH-4 MINI ELEKTRONIK fiber optic blowing machine:

  • intelligent intuitive touchscreen controller
  • GPS
  • weather conditions readings such as:
    • temperature
    • pressure
    • humidity
  • date, time, time offsets,
  • three languages: Polish, English, German,
  • wireless WIFI connectivity
  • remote software upgrades
  • the ability to observe process parameters online on a phone or tablet
  • automatic counter that has many functions.
  • automatic work
  • hand work
  • introducing limits, such as:
  • force of insertion
  • distance limit
  • selection of calibration and individual diameters
  • smooth speed regulation
  • registration of all blowing parameters saved in the form of a report in a * .PDF file:
    • force of cable entry
    • carrying pressure
    • blowing speed
    • distance
    • parameters of atmospheric conditions
  • intuitive interface for data input, using a web browser
  • regulation of parameters and controller settings both locally and remotely.

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