Fiber optic blow molding machine MAH-3

The Mah-3 blowing machine model due to the use of 8 profiled feed rollers is characterized by very high power and can introduce optical fiber over long distances.
We have a reference from a company that has blown thousands of kilometers, including over 4000m of optical fiber in one episode. The blow molding machine allows blowing fiber optics, cables, microcables and microducts with diameters from 3mm to 17mm (on request up to 30mm) and to use all HDPE repeaters that are available on the market.

The blow molding machine is manufactured from scratch in the Polish company MAL-MET and thanks to the use of the best materials and patented technology, it is characterized by very high power, ease of use and reliability in all conditions.
The blowing machine is equipped with the latest generation feed rollers that act as a clutch and forgive operator errors.

Mal-Met company gives 24 months warranty for the blow molding machine.
For each machine sold for blowing we organize training in the operation of the machine completed obtaining a certificate.

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Working pressure6-15 atmospheres
Engine operating pressure0.63 MPa
Head working pressure6-15 atmospheres
Smooth fiber optic speed regulation0-110 m / min
Engine air consumption48 m³ / h
Head air consumption3-11 m³ / min
Machine weight75 kg
Dimensions: length, width, height800mm x 600mm x 600mm
Number of bearings21 pieces
Number of Rolls8
Supports all diameters of duplicates4mm-50mm
Cable / optical fiber diameters3 mm – 17 mm (on order to 30mm)


  • user manual
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • tool box
  • set of rolls
  • nozzle for the head
  • set of head clamps and steadies
  • a set of tools for operating the machine
  • pneumatic gun to keep clean
  • multi-functional counter with Bluetooth

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Each blowing machine is equipped with a modern counter

Counter functions:
  • Large backlit display.
  • Polish, English and German language.
  • Speed of cable.
  • Daily and total counter.
  • Numbers forward and backward (when pulling out the cable, I subtract the given distance with the odometer function). Ambient temperature.
  • Ambient temperature.
  • Battery level.
  • Built-in battery charged via USB cable.
  • Option to connect to the phone application via Bluetooth.

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